Should your fuse box be replaced? Here's how to check if it's dangerous


September 3,2019



Outdated fuse boxes & wiring can cause very nasty (and very avoidable) accidents at home.

Just one 'weak link' and faulty wire / fuse could result in a house fire or a severe, and perhaps fatal electric shock.

Ok, that's enough 'scare-mongering' for one day. 😊

Let's talk about how you can make sure your house is all up to date and none of your family is at risk.

As you know, technology continues to improve at a rapid pace!

With households acquiring more electrical appliances than ever before, some home electrical systems eventually prove unfit for use and are unable to handle the electrical load.

Depending on the age of a fuse box, it might not even comply with UK electrical regulations

How do I know if I have an old-fashioned fuse box?

It’s very easy to tell if you have an old-style fuse box or a more modern consumer unit. If you live in an old house - there’s a chance your fuse box could be the original installation.

An old-style fuse box will have a series of fuses contained inside fuse carrier which you can manually remove and replace when one of them goes off following a power overload.

An old fuse box

A consumer unit however, will be made of a horizontal row of what is known as MCB (Mini circuit breakers).

Each MCB will have a switch which can go off in case of a power surge. Preventing potential fires & electric shocks etc.

Modern consumer unit / fuse box

Benefits of a modern consumer unit (aka. fuse box)

A new modern fuse box greatly decreases the risk of fire in the house due to its ability to detect wiring faults and disconnect the electricity before any heat builds up. The two main technologies at play are:

RCD's: Modern fuseboxes incorporate RCD's (Residual Current Device), a safety device designed to protect against personal electric shock. These trip when a circuit overloads, protecting the wiring from burning out and your family from nasty electrical shocks.

Circuit Breakers: In the event of an electrical wiring fault the circuit breakers will trip whereas in the old type of fusebox there is the potential that the electricity supply would stay connected until a fire occurs. The built in circuit breakers will trip within 40 millionths of a second if you accidentally touch any live cables, this will save the life of the person touching them.

Above is an old fuse box vs a modern consumer unit.

So, what’s the best thing to do?

The best advice is to call out a qualified electrician to assess your fuse box & home wiring.

Our team are on hand to provide this service, contact us using the form below and we’ll be happy to come out and take a look for you.

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