Important Things To Do When Moving House

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As experienced electricians, we love to help people transform their homes through new electrical installations. You may be surprised by just how much you can transform your home with the right lighting, heating, or smart installations. At the same time, however, we also understand that sometimes circumstances may require you to relocate to a new home. And while this can be an extremely exciting time in your life, it can also be incredibly hectic and stressful.

We’ve worked with enough new movers to know that even the best-prepared among us can forget to do important things in the run-up to moving day, and even on the big day itself. For instance, here are some important things to do when moving house that not everybody remembers.

Start comparing energy prices for your new home

As electrical experts, we know that a lot of new movers can find themselves spending a lot on energy in their new homes. It’s not necessarily because they’re using more. It’s because of the contract that’s established when you move in.

The energy experts at Papernest have some useful information on the importance of switching energy plans early when moving house. As soon as you’re responsible for the energy reply, you’re automatically put on something called a ‘deemed contract’ with the incumbent supplier (whoever the previous occupant used). These contracts almost always put you on the supplier’s standard variable tariff, which is often their most expensive.

The experts recommend that you find a new energy tariff for your new home prior to moving in based on your current usage. Making the switch as soon after moving as possible can shave a great deal off your energy bills.

Get your post redirected

Leaving a forwarding address with your old home’s new occupant or landlord is a good idea. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean that no post will slip through the net in your new home. It’s better to use Royal Mail’s redirection service. This allows you to get your post redirected to any UK or overseas address for 3, 6 or 12 months. This way, you can be sure that no important documents will get lost in the shuffle.

Make a list of people you need to notify

Your employer, kids’ schools, local council, DVLA etc. are important people to notify. But there are other, less obvious people that need to be notified as soon as you’re at a new address. For instance, if you fail to notify your car insurance provider of your new address, it may invalidate your policy.

Take your time choosing a removals company

Finally, it’s important to take the time to choose the right removals partner. Don’t leave it to the last minute and end up picking a local firm at random. We’ve all done it, and the results are never great!

Take the time to make sure that they offer the services you need, have a great understanding of your local area, and have lots of positive reviews from happy customers both on their website and online platforms.


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Tips for Renovating Your London House

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Disclaimer: To ensure that your house renovation doesn’t become a chain of endless individual, measurements and tasks. You should always seek advice from an expert before beginning any major building work on your home.

It is important to work out a plan of action before beginning any work. Even if everything can be tackled at once when renovating your house, individual measures should always serve the overall goal of avoiding any unnecessary cost.

Here are a few tips that you can follow before you start with your London house renovation.


Check for and Tackle any Damp Issues

Damp basements, walls, or ceilings are often found in old houses. A specialist is required to look into the cause as well as providing necessary renovation and sealing measures. Roof coverings, rain gutters, and downpipes that are no longer functional are some of the most common culprits. Additionally, ineffective or missing seals can sometimes be the trigger. In extreme cases, moisture present in the components for a long time which can lead to undesirable, consequential damage such as mold.


Assess Wall Colour

ussell Hewes Salon Developement project Rose and River London

A wall colour has a different effect depending on the amount of light. This is because vertical and horizontal surfaces refract/reflect light differently. We recommend getting a colour sample and testing it out on a small section of the wall. It can also prove to be useful to let the colour samples stay for a few days in order for the colour to dry properly.



Russell Hewes Wallpaper laying services London

Begin from about 50 cm from the corner on the free wall. We recommend making an exact vertical mark with a pencil. The first lane should be worked towards this mark. Since you now have 50 cm out of the corner, you will get approx. 2 to 3 cm into the corner. You should never use wallpaper around an inside corner, but only briefly over it. The wallpaper may have to be cut in the corner so that everything remains straight. With the adjoining wallpaper, you just go over the first strip.


Energy Saving House Renovation

Russell hewes Loft conversion insulation around skylight window London

The thermal insulation of older houses is usually not the most efficient. The requirements for buildings in the UK according to the current Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) for reducing CO2 emissions and saving heating costs must comply. Great importance must be given to the planning and calculation of thermal insulation measures during your house renovation. The structural and physical features of old houses have technical requirements for subsequent thermal insulation of the components. For example, insulating only the facade can initially improve energy consumption. In uninsulated or inadequately insulated component connections and constructions, however, changes in the physical behavior of the building can be an option. However, it often leads to the entry of moisture from the room air, and to consequential damage that follows.


Sustainable Building Technology is Important

Russell Hewes solar panel installation London house

Environmental protection requirements and the rising prices of fossil fuels require sustainability in the modernisation and renewal of building services systems. When choosing a new and modern heating system, however, the existing structural framework conditions play an important role. For example, a desired low-temperature heating setup with underfloor heating may not be possible or can be done only with a high level of structural effort due to the existing ceiling and floor construction. The use of solar technical systems should also be checked and calculated by a specialist against the background of structural and structural conditions. Outdated systems and lines of the electrical installation usually have to be completely replaced due to safety requirements.


Contact the right building team for your house renovation in London – Russell Hewes LTD

House renovation London Morden Russell Hewes

When renovating your house, you will encounter the problem of commissioning a large number of contractors for your project. As we’ve discussed above, electricians, heating, plumbing, painters, floorers, tilers, drywallers and so on! If you plan to get several comparative offers for each craftsman, that’s a lot of work! At Russell Hewes Ltd we have multiple tradesmen in-house. We can manage your renovation from design through to final build, giving you the added benefit of having one point of contact for your entire house renovation.

We can offer you a complete house renovation in London and the surrounding area from a single source! This includes the renewal of the sanitary facilities, bathroom renewal, floor plan changes, additional electrical system, flooring, painting, plumbing, carpentry, tiling, drywall, painting, and decorating. With our services, you can:

1. Save Time: With our full range of services, we enable you to quickly and easily refurbish, renovate and modernise your property. We take care of planning and implementation while you sit back and see your vision come to life.

2. Save Money: We will send you a transparent cost estimate. You can see in advance what it will cost afterward, with no hidden costs. Quality at a fair price.

3. Save Yourself From The Hassles: With us, you only have one offer, one warranty partner, and one contact person on site.


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