Planning a London Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations give homeowners the opportunity to breathe new life into their beloved kitchens.  Through general building work, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, painting, and decorating, we are able to take an older-looking kitchen and make it like new.

Is a kitchen renovation worth it? What are some benefits?

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A kitchen renovation is definitely worth considering. Depending on your overall aim Below I have listed off a few benefits for renovating your kitchen.


Kitchens can sometimes be a daily source of frustration, especially when there is a lack of storage or useable space for preparing and cooking food. A good kitchen renovation will look at the available space within your kitchen and provide an efficient workflow and better storage. Updating your kitchen will give you the option to include different lighting, which is absolutely vital for taking those amazing recipe-inspired photographs.


With kitchen renovations, there are some general guidelines we can go by once we see the available space we have to work with. However, it is important to understand that each client will come with their unique set of finishes (lighting, material, storage, and features). Your kitchen will differ largely on your lifestyle. Eg. A baker may need more space for preparing food, whilst a food blogger may want a unique space with lots of natural light to get amazing recipe content. A well-designed kitchen remodel will deliver a layout that is functional for you and that best suits all of your lifestyle needs.


Since kitchen spaces are used for so many activities, maximising the usable space is essential. A clever kitchen renovation will reconfigure the floor plan to utilize every available square inch of space – turning wasted space into storage, more seating, and hopefully more room to move.

Smart tech

New technologies are turning kitchens into command centres that can be controlled with smartphone apps or voice assistants. A kitchen remodel provides the opportunity to explore all of the technology advancements on the market.


One of the things that makes a living space comfortable is its ability to let us feel like ourselves when we’re in it. Walking into the kitchen every day should be an occasion that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. A successful kitchen remodel is an opportunity to create a living space that perfectly reflects your personal style and tastes, resulting in your dream kitchen.

Energy efficiency & sustainability

A good kitchen renovation will not only transform your vision into reality but will do so in such a way that will make your utility bills more affordable. Construction is changing with a big focus being on how we can all make spaces more energy-efficient and sustainable. We can ensure effective insulation, energy-efficient windows, and doors. Energy-efficient appliances and water-efficient faucets are some of the ways a kitchen renovation can make your home kinder to your pocketbook and to the planet.

Increased value

Whether your house is your forever home or you’re planning to sell in a few years remodeling your kitchen is always a smart investment. Kitchen renovations have one of the highest returns on investment for home improvements, increasing the value of your home by around 6% depending on the project. A newly remodeled kitchen is usually one of the top wish list items for home buyers, so if you’re planning to sell, a new kitchen is going to help greatly.


How much does a London kitchen renovation cost?


There are many variables to costing a kitchen renovation. Any renovation in London will generally cost a little more than a similar renovation to the same finish in another part of the UK. The price will also depend on the current condition of the space if there are structural challenges, dampness or rot, and level of finish.

As a ballpark figure, a kitchen renovation will cost between £7,000 and £18,000. However, this can greatly increase depending on the size of the kitchen, the style of the units and worktops, and a couple of other factors.


What to do before a kitchen renovation?


Before you reach out to us with your kitchen renovation project we usually need the following prepared in advance so that we can get a comprehensive quote sent to our clients as soon as possible:

Full Name

We need to know the full name of the person

Full Address

We can be aware of the distance that will need to be traveled to covered by the team during the duration of the kitchen renovation project.

Contact Number

So we can contact the client and discuss the project in more detail if needed.

Photos of the Existing Space

Photographs of the space will give us a good indication of how much available space is in use and how space is being used.

Any Interior Design Requirements or Plans

We work closely with our kitchen partners, Howdens to provide an amazing kitchen renovation service. Howdens will provide drawing and design services should you need this service.

Structural Engineering Report

If you require any structural changes to your kitchen renovation, eg. Extension, wall install/removal,  you will need to consult with a structural engineer and get a structural report.

Will You Be Providing Second Fix Materials?

If you choose to provide second fix materials (everything that comes after plastering has finished) we will need this expressed in advance. We add an additional service charge for sourcing materials. The majority of our clients will let us source the majority of second fix materials and provide a few feature pieces. Sending a Pinterest board usually helps us visualise the look and finish of your kitchen renovation project.


Why you should renovate your kitchen?

If you plan to upgrade or repair your kitchen, you may want to consider a kitchen renovation. If your lifestyle is changing pace because of children, family, friends, or career, this may also be a good reason to consider a kitchen renovation. As an investment kitchens and bathroom renovations are fairly quick to complete and renovating them will increase the overall value of your property.


What is the price range of a kitchen renovation and what are the things that affect the price of a kitchen renovation?

The important step of renovating your kitchen for your requirement is exciting and requires your resources and attention in planning.

If your current kitchen is in a poor condition then a complete renovation is required. Your dream kitchen may have a completely different layout from your current kitchen, which will impact your total cost. Moving your plumbing, electricals, and cabinets becomes cost-consuming but can be considered under your budget. 

Renovating a kitchen in London will approximately cost anywhere between £10,000 – £14,000+, depending on your additional installations. But if you are looking for a complete makeover then your cost will go up to £14,000 – £20,000+. The location also has an impact on the price. So the more intensive your remodel, the higher the kitchen renovation costs will become.  

Here are certain factors that can affect the price while renovating your kitchen in London:

The type of kitchen you desire

You can select a range of kitchens from varying price points. If you are looking for a kitchen with good quality appliances or commercial grade appliances, or desire to have a big kitchen, each of these will impact the cost of your kitchen remodel

Type of flooring

The flooring you choose not only influences the functionality but will influence the price too. 

Cabinets and storage

There are many types and grades of cabinets and storage solutions to choose from all depending on your needs.


the countertop material you select and the area of countertop installation will impact your cost of renovation.

Kitchen Appliances

Similar to kitchen cabinets, the quality and quantity of your kitchen appliance selection can impact your costs

Lighting, fixtures, and automation

Depending on the type and amount of lighting you need.

Kitchen designing and value engineering

The design is a minor part of the cost but has a huge impact on how good your kitchen looks and how well it functions. A good design allows you to accomplish more within the space.

Product and material selection

product and material selection impact your new kitchen’s costs, but hiring a contractor will always help in making those decisions. 

How long can a kitchen renovation take?


A complete renovation is a huge undertaking. It might involve everything from replacing a cabinet and installing a kitchen island to replacing the appliances, adding lights, and changing the flooring and/or structural changes. 


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