Why client construction success lies in the final details

I have been an electrician for just over 10 years. In applying and developing my knowledge, experience, and skillset, my role has evolved to the level of a master electrician.

I have taken my professional experience and amalgamated that with customer expectations, to create a business model that delivers high-quality services that intrinsically link my own personal opinion on the level of workmanship I would expect in my own home.

Our company prides itself on the commitment to transforming clients’ houses to becoming homes through our services. We have fostered a culture of understanding and listening to the needs of the individual customer; cultivating the concept that we don’t simply build you a home, we support you in building you and your loved ones a future.

Abolishing the ‘rogue trader’. 


One of the biggest challenges that come with the decision to undertake work in your home is finding a tradesman you can trust. Almost everyone has heard a story or experienced a ‘rogue trader’ of some sort, so one of the key components that developed our business model was delivering outstanding communication. We wanted to ensure that from the very first moment of contact with a customer, they understand who we are, what we do and are given a very clear expected timeline of their ‘home journey’ with us.

“Part of developing trust with the customer is them knowing who their workforce will be and having the benefit of putting a face to a name”

Alongside communication, we have very clear branding and an excellent presence digitally. Our Google reviews and tangible office address and contact details online makes who we are completely transparent; a customer knows when they approach us exactly who they are working with and the level of workmanship and communication they can expect from start to completion.

We look at every customer as an individual. Whilst many jobs hold the same intentions, the way in which we create and carry out a home transformation is very unique to each customer. In understanding customers’ needs and really listening to their ideas and expectations, you are not only transforming their homes but transforming their lives as well.

Just as transparency of who we are is important, we believe that transparency in the work being carried out should be too. Our customers’ are made aware of all of the processes that will be utilised to create their perfect home, as well as a clear indication of cost. We believe this enables the customer to feel in control of their ‘home journey’ but also fully supported with that notion.

Part of developing trust with the customer is them knowing who their workforce will be and having the benefit of putting a face to a name. Even on larger jobs, we only use subcontractors that we have already worked with and have relationships with; every member of our teams shares our values and this is transcended through into the workmanship they provide.

A person’s home is their castle, and it requires that level of attention


To partially revisit my previous point regarding my own personal expectations, ‘consumer love’ is at the heart of everything we do; the customer has a voice and full disclosure of our practices. We drive this relationship further by ensuring that our tradesmen have the utmost respect for the client’s residence; they treat the property as if it were their own, which in turn drives consumer confidence.

Delivering great value starts at the recruitment stage


Based on the aforementioned point, the recruitment process is critical to ensure the standards we work and live by are adhered to. Through a meticulous vetting process, we are able to drive the highest standards of workmanship that both we and the customer expect.

Irrespective of this, we encourage our workforce to have a voice too, whilst requiring them to embody our values and mission.

The final stages of project work are just as vital as the first introduction…



Where some businesses or individuals may fall short within the final stages of any project, we as a business know that it is imperative to consistently and unequivocally drive and maintain the same level of workmanship that is both practised and expected throughout the entire process.

By undertaking these stringent working practices, it will ensure we do not incur unnecessary additional costs but also drives the highest quality and standard of finish in our work.

We believe that our attention to detail in every facet of our work and engagement with our clients sets us apart from our competitors. Our core values are not only the springboard for everything we do, but they are inherent within every stage of our projects.

Based on our working procedures and practices, we may not be able to achieve complete perfection, but that doesn’t mean we won’t always strive for it.

In the years that have followed, we have grown to do a range of services that cover all aspects of domestic and commercial trade work including: electrical and building work; plumbing, carpentry; roofing; tiling; handyman services; plastering; decorating, and more.

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